Sunday, 25 July 2010

Assailant in Custody

I was informed tonight by Nairn Police that a man will appear in court tomorrow after admitting pushing me into the river. I must congratulate Nairn Police on their very efficient police work and quick resolution of this crime. I can only add that whatever justice is given out in this case, the guy should thank his lucky stars he is not charged with culpable homicide. I had a look today where I hit the river bed and noticed that I missed a sharp paving stone by a few inches.

My concern for the Swans well being may inadvertently have saved my own life. About twice a year I go into this part of the river and clear it of dangerous objects that might harm or impale the Swans, I may well have done myself a huge favour !

I have not yet tried my camera and will give it another day or two to dry out.

Meanwhile I can give you a few shots I took earlier this week, when a cormorant caught an eel and then had to swallow it quickly because the cob wanted to see what it had . Needless to say the Cormorant did not have time to properly dispatch the eel and spent 10 minutes trying to keep it down ! It's called one over the 8.

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Unknown said...

Great captures! Wow that looked like a huge eel staring down it's captors throat here! So could the bird really manage to win the fight and gulp it down entirely okay?? I wonder, does the unlucky eel (That size!) stand any slim chance of escaping the hungry bird's stomach or even damaging her insides if eaten in that condition as well?!