Monday, 26 July 2010

New Info on Swan Attack

I was given new information this afternoon by a local eye witness to the swan attack two weeks ago. The local woman was at the opposite side of the river and saw another woman with 2 black labradors walking past the Swans who were resting on the riverbank. One of the dogs jumped down and attacked the swans. The Cob led the dog away by flapping his wings and moving away from the pen and cygnets. The dog gave up chasing the cob and returned to the pen and cygnets, and attacked the pen. The woman jumped down into the river and was screaming at the dog and tried to pull it away from the pen, eventually succeeding and taking it away with the other well behaved lab which sat on the path watching. It appears the woman did all she could to get the dog away from the pen to the point that she was knee deep in the river. The only criticism I have is that she failed to contact anyone and tell them about the injured Swan. The incident happened around 6.15pm on sunday the 11th July.
It does show however that you cant be too careful when passing wildlife if you have dogs in tow !

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