Wednesday, 21 July 2010


My attention was captured tonight by 2 giggling women from Nairn amateur athletics NAAAC.

Standing on the merryton bridge having spotted what they believed were otters with an eel. Soon a crowd of youngsters gathered and with much babbling and feet stamping they were in danger of scaring the wildlife away. The heavens opened and I was soon soaked through, but not before I captured a few images of several mink - I counted 4 at one point but managed to get an image of 3 of them together. I suppose they could be mistaken for young otters but am pretty sure they are mink. I had two reports of otters at the bridge in the past week, so if i'm wrong about mink somebody let me know !
I got the impression that this was a Mink family, because one of them was markedly larger than the rest, and there was a bit of squabbling when eating the eel.
As mentioned in my previous post, predators come in all shapes and sizes on this river !

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