Friday, 9 July 2010

Nippers Lucky Day

Sometimes getting up and facing another day can be a challenge, occasionally things just go right as soon as you step out the door. Take the other day, I just walked 30 metres outside the house and lo and behold a parked skip full of useful goodies ! Right on top was a full size bathtub just waiting for me to give to Nipper. I promptly wrestled it to the ground and carted it into the aviary to set up later that day. One small snag - it didn't have a drainer or plug, but my lucky day was holding and I discovered an old drainer in the garage which I had kept for the past 8 years ! Usually I hoard things for as long as 30 years, in the belief that it will come in handy one day - that day had arrived, eureka ! Nipper has it all now, central heated indoor pad, new outdoor pool(Short video clip below ) with all mod cons, anti slip mat and even a springboard to get in and out. Personal body guard (the dog ) ! Maybe I should have called it Skipper instead of Nipper !

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