Saturday, 17 July 2010

Nipper Going Native

Tomorrow I intend to return Nipper to the wild, he has been flexing his wings frequently and should just about be able to fly now. The days of wine and roses are over for him, no more luxury pad and outdoor pool, no more cosy nights in Millie's bed watching freeview (see short video).

He will have to meet his mum Jemima and remaining siblings sometime, so monday is as good a day as any. I am certain he will go native within a month like the previous ducklings I reared. The Drake has gone totally native already and will no longer come close enough to eat from my hand, the duck does but is very wary of coming close. I am very happy that they have integrated fully with the other river ducks and are as wild as they are now. Nipper will no doubt do the same. It does show that mallards can be reared, and still put back in the wild.

I have enjoyed the whole experience and find that ducks are adorable characters, and have given me much joy. They are messy and a fair bit of work in the beginning, but well worth the joy they give. Enclosed some pics of the memories of Nipper .

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