Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Some Good News

Having my camera destroyed I trawled through ebay yesterday and incrediby came upon one camera identical to the model I lost. It was the final day of the auction and I successfully outbid 15 other bids. The camera is second hand but I am hoping it is in perfect working order.

Meanwhile I dug out my spare camera to take a few shots of a seagull which I was alerted to the other day. The young gull had been run over in a gravel carpark area, resulting in one wing being crushed under the wheels, when I saw the gull it was trailing the wing on the ground but otherwise seemed unscathed. There is nothing more pathetic than a bird with a trailing wing. The neighbours children having seen it asked if I could do something about it ? How could I refuse, so set off to catch and treat it. With my previous experience of sonny and nippers angel wing, I first checked to see if the wing was broken, it appeared it was either dislocated at the joint or wrenched out. I have no idea if this is fixable or not, but I thought if I bandage it back into position as best could then maybe it would survive. After 3 attempts and several pecks later I finally managed to get it hitched up. The aviary as I suspected comes in handy to keep the bird secure . Hopefully given time it will mend, if not, will probably have to call in the sspca for the big sleep.

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