Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Pen Soldiers On

Two days after the horrific attack and the Pen is soldiering on and looking as well as could be expected. Under those wings of course there are severe injuries and I am keeping a close eye on her 3 times a day. Her tail is up and the wings being held up above the wounds. I have managed to give her the antibiotics again and hopefully this preventive action will stop any infection getting a hold. She is eating- but not very much, so I am giving her wheat grains and poultry pellets which are high in protein. She is still traumatised and will not venture up river anywhere near the scene of the attack, she is also terrified of any approaching dogs even along the river path. She spotted a chocolate lab today about 100 metres away gave a warning call and moved towards the middle of the river. I have to congratulate the council on the swift removal of the trees along the river path, this is most helpful and will allow the wildlife a clear view of any approaching dangers, it will also prevent further erosion and undermining of the river wall.

The cob has now taken over some of the pens duties and gave the cygnets a training session by diving on them at speed. Normally the pen would instigate this but she played no part in the activity, nursing her wounds instead.

I hope the lady dog owner contacts me and offers to pay for the veterinary costs for the pen, and maybe offer an explanation as to why she did not contact me or anyone else so that we could attend to the injured swan ? That would be the decent thing to do.

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