Thursday, 15 July 2010

Tending Her Wounds

4 days after the dog attack, this morning was again wet and cold. The swans were in the harbour and I noticed a slight change in the pen. She was creating tiny shivering vibration waves around her body and I guessed she might be either sore and cold, or in pain or both ! In relative terms the dog attack on her was the equivilent of a human getting mauled by a lion ! With that in mind I contacted my avian adviser in Swindon - a caring and dedicated swan lady called Sue. She suggested I give the pen an anti inflammatory to reduce the pain the bird must be feeling. Claire at Moray coast vets duly obliged and I managed to give the pen some this afternoon. The whole family went up river at high tide with the river also in spate, the pen is eating and with motherly devotion still defers to her cygnets most of the time ! The cob is still taking charge of the play sessions in the harbour too.

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