Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Camera Kaput !

As I feared my camera (the best I've ever had ), is trashed. I took it from the airing cupboard this morning and powered it on, only to find that the electronics have shorted out, the inside of the lens still had fog on it - so that's it. The model is irreplaceable because Canon have discontinued making it. I suspect the reason is because it is far and away superior to their dozens of other digital cameras, and they would be unable to sell them ! Any digital without an optical viewfinder, to my mind is a waste of money and I wouldn't have one even as a gift. The 6x optical zoom was very good as well, as compact digitals go this was a great camera. The guy who pushed me into the river has deprived all my viewers and the people of Nairn images that have been displayed in the library and museum and entertained many. A 19 year old imbecile as one email to me described him, has probably ruined his life with a criminal record. What a Rambo action to take - sneaking up behind a pensioner and pushing him into the river. Well done Rambo !

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