Tuesday, 6 July 2010

What a Shower.

The wraps came off Nipper the duckling's wing yesterday, and what a relief it was ! I am hopeful the " Angel wing " has been cured, and that Nipper will be able to fly eventually. Having got rid of the bandage, Nipper enjoyed a shower in the garden and a full bath size swim later ! It loved it, made the grass wet and tender. Later some pigeons tried to eat it's food but it was having none of it and saw them off.
Talking about showers, a new Mother of the month turned up in the river today with yet another record breaking 11 ducklings ! I would reckon they are about 5 weeks old and this is the best ever year on the river for ducks, a quacking record . The river is now teeming with life !
I got another nice shot of our Handsome hybrid too.

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